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Room 106!


During this unprecedented time, I encourage you to keep practicing everything you have learned this year! It is your time to shine. Teach a friend or family member everything we have mastered in first grade until we can get the chance to learn something new!

Welcome to our page of resources! If you are able to access a printer, some extra practice can be found in the 'Files and Documents' tab. I have also added some of our favorite websites to the 'Useful Links' tab and will continue to add more as I find them!

Learning Calendar
Virtual Learning Calendar

If you don't have what you need to print or write, talk about it with someone! 

Upcoming Events

No events available.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
February 28, no eventsMarch 01, no eventsMarch 02, no eventsMarch 03, no eventsToday, March 04, no eventsMarch 05, no eventsMarch 06, no events
March 07, no eventsMarch 08, no eventsMarch 09, no eventsMarch 10, no eventsMarch 11, no eventsMarch 12, no eventsMarch 13, no events
March 14, no eventsMarch 15, no eventsMarch 16, no eventsMarch 17, no eventsMarch 18, no eventsMarch 19, no eventsMarch 20, no events
March 21, no eventsMarch 22, no eventsMarch 23, no eventsMarch 24, no eventsMarch 25, no events26March 27, no events
March 28, no events29303112April 03, no events

Daily Schedule 

Time Subject 
8:05-8:15  Arrival
8:20-8:30 DEAR
8:30-10:50 Language Arts
10:55-11:45 Lunch and Recess
11:50-1:05 Math
1:05-1:50 Science/Social Studies 
1:55-2:45 Encore
2:45-2:55 Prepare for Dismissal
2:55-3:05 Dismissal

Encore Schedule 1:55-2:45

Day of the Week     Subject
Monday (Week 1) Library
Monday (Week 2) Computer Lab
Tuesday Music
Wednesday PE*
Thursday PE*
Friday Art

*Please wear sneakers!