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Fifth Graders!

Ms. Alvarez 2019-2020

Fifth Grade!

Dear Families,

We wish everyone the very best during this time students are out of school. Please check the tab to the left, there are many useful resources under Useful links. Starting March 30th we will be starring our virtual learning activities. Every week myself and the rest of the fifth grade team we will be uploading a weekly calendar with task and activities students can complete, this calendar will be in the Virtual Learning tab to the left. Under the Files and Documents tab you will find some of the resources for the week, you can also find the Standards of learning and what we have taught so far. 

I hope everyone is doing well during this time and all are staying safe! I hope to see everyone again soon and I miss you all too!

Daily Schedule 

8:30am 10:00am Reading
10:00am 11:00am Science
11:00 am 11:15am Spiral Review
11:15 am
12:05pm Encore
12:25 pm 12:55pm Lunch
12:55 pm 1:20pm Recess 
1:20 pm 2:30pm Math
2:30pm 3:00pm Extension
 3:00pm 3:05pm Dissmissal 

    Encore Schedule
11:15am - 12:05pm
Our encore changes based on Week A and Week B, the major difference between the weeks is our Library/ Computer lab day. 

Day 1 P.E.
Day 2 P.E
Day 3 Art
Day 4 Music

Day 5 
Computer Lab (B)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
February 28, no eventsMarch 01, no eventsMarch 02, no eventsMarch 03, no eventsMarch 04, no eventsMarch 05, no eventsMarch 06, no events
March 07, no eventsToday, March 08, no eventsMarch 09, no eventsMarch 10, no eventsMarch 11, no eventsMarch 12, no eventsMarch 13, no events
March 14, no eventsMarch 15, no eventsMarch 16, no eventsMarch 17, no eventsMarch 18, no eventsMarch 19, no eventsMarch 20, no events
March 21, no eventsMarch 22, no eventsMarch 23, no eventsMarch 24, no eventsMarch 25, no events26March 27, no events
March 28, no events29303112April 03, no events